Microcurrent Therapy and Facials

Microcurrent therapy isn't actually something ground-breaking or even new, it has been around for decades. Disappointed? Don’t be, this is good news; it means that microcurrent therapy is well studied, safe, effective and targeted. Physiotherapists have been using micro current for over 50 years to relieve the pain and treat facial paralysis.

Aesthetic practice borrows microcurrent therapy from actual medicine. Microcurrent employs low-voltage electricity to stimulate skin cells through the electrodes placed on the skin. It has been established that human epidermis can act as a sort of a battery, and when its integrity is broken, it generates pathological electric field.

Based on the skin's own electric properties, it has been suggested that the external application of electric current can be employed to assist in the healing of skin wounds and managing pain, but also to stimulate normal regeneration process and restore collagen production diminished with age.

Microcurrent therapy emits weak impulses similar to the skin’s own electric signals, increasing the amount of energy (ATP), speeding up cell metabolism, stimulating collagen and elastin syntheses and even giving the skin detox by eliminating the cellular bypass products from the skin matrix. Some microcurrent devices are designed to stimulate facial muscles (you can easily recognise them by the typical stick-like electrodes), while others — for lymphatic drainage and regeneration stimulation (these are usually equipped with a glove or square-plate electrodes).

Classic microcurrent device stimulates drainage.

Microcurrent therapy for skin regeneration.

Microcurrent therapy is also known as a non-invasive facelift because of it can visibly sharpen and enhance facial features and the result is apparent right away. This is why it is one of the treatments especially favoured by professionals in skin clinics and beauty salons. Meder Beauty experts offer microcurrent therapy in combination with:

— Myo-Fix facial for a more pronounced eyebrow lifting

— Lipo-Oval facial to help contour cheekbones and sculpt jawline

— Arma-Lift facial to increase collagen production and cell metabolism

— Eu-Seb facial to help eliminate cellular toxins and get rid of acne

— Hydra-Fill facial for a striking instant beauty Red Carpet-ready effect

All of these facials are available for home use in the UK and USA. Try Meder At-home Facial for a beauty clinic-like experience in the privacy and safety of your own home.

If you have a microcurrent therapy device at home, you could combine it with your favourite Meder Beauty mask, with the exception of Red-Apax. Why is that? This is where we come to the unavoidable part: side effects and contraindications. Despite all the benefits of microcurrent therapy, as with all machine treatments safety is not 100% guaranteed.

Side effects of microcurrent therapy
  • If you have sensitive skin, you may experience some rather unpleasant sensations during treatment and subsequent redness and itching. This is why we do not recommend microcurrent on top of Red-Apax: if you're using our Red-Apax line designed for sensitive, red and rosacea-prone skin, this is a good indication that you are too sensitive to apply electric current to your face.
  • Microcurrent therapy can stimulate excessive hair growth. If you are prone to hypertrichosis, it is a good idea to try some other beauty treatments instead.
  • If you have any metallic dental implants, microcurrent therapy could be a little painful and create a strange metallic taste in your mouth.
  • Pregnancy – all energy-based treatments are forbidden at this time, except when they're necessary for medical reasons and benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Cancer treatment. Microcurrent therapy accelerates lymph flow which often transports cancerous cells to other areas of the body. The good news is, that microcurrent therapy could be beneficial when in remission after successful cancer treatment. There is even a promising study about the potential benefits of microcurrent therapy for radiation-induced skin damage after X-Ray therapy.
  • Epilepsy – energy-based therapy can induce a seizure.
  • Pacemakers – microcurrent therapy could tamper with the functionality of the medical device.
  • Metal plates or pins in or around the application area. Do let your aesthetic therapist know about your piercings! If using the device at home take care to remove all jewellery and piercing.
  • Rosacea, redness, spider veins and all capillary problems – microcurrent therapy can make things worse.
  • Isotretinoin treatments, such as Roaccutan, Accutan, RetinA, Sotret and others. 
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