Meder Rewards

Introducing our reward program

Get rewarded every time you shop!

Simply create a customer account and start shopping. Every £1 you spend equals 1 point. Earn points and redeem them later for a discount on your next order.

Don't forget to give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram. Leave us a product review for more points and receive more discounts as you shop!

Refer a friend

Refer a friend and enjoy Meder together. Give your friend a reward of 10% off and claim 200 points when they make a purchase.

The more points you get, the bigger your discount!

Terms and conditions apply.

About Meder Points

How to Earn

  • Place an order. £1 = 1 point. 
  • Add date of birth to account information = 100 points. 
  • Create customer account = 100 points. 
  • Like and Share on Facebook, Follow on Instagram = 50 points each. 
  • Leave a product or a company review = 50 points each. 
  • Refer a friend = 200 points when they make a purchase. 

How to Redeem

Points cannot be given to another customer or exchanged for money or products. 

You can exchange your points for an order discount. Every 20 points = £1 off your order of £99+.

Maximum 1000 points can be redeemed at once.

If you save up 1000 points, they can be exchanged for a 10% coupon applicable to orders of £99 or over. 

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