Flawless Face

Embrace flawless skin with our legendary Myo-Fix range complemented by probiotic exfoliation.

Myo-Fix is a super effective toxin-free solution for forehead wrinkles, frown lines, mimic wrinkles around eyes and lips. Rooted in biotechnology with the use of highly concentrated peptides, Myo-Fix is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and suitable for all.

Myo-Fix mimic wrinkle control cream was first launched in 2009. It has been Meder's bestseller ever since helping thousands of people achieve smooth forehead skin while retaining full control over their facial expression. Using groundbreaking biotech peptides, highly concentrated active care cream reduces skin's interaction with facial muscles only where necessary. Preventing involuntary frowning, Myo-Fix helps smooth winkles and stop them from appearing. In just 5 weeks you can enjoy a naturally serene expression, smoother forehead skin and rejuvenated appearance.

We highly recommend adding Myo-Fix sheet mask to your skin routine. Further smoothing skin, the sheet mask relieves stress tension in your facial muscles making your face look relaxed and glowing even amidst daily stress.

To get maximum peptide power exfoliate regularly. Probiotic enzyme exfoliating mask Enzy-Peel is perfectly compatible with peptide skincare. Enzy-Peel smoothes skin gently and effectively, is suitable for sensitive skin and pregnancy/breastfeeding and due to added shea butter and polished opal particles is an absolute pleasure to use.

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