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Alana's Routine for Skin Health and Hydration


We invited women to share their skin journeys to show the power of microbiome-friendly formulas.

Each were given their own Meder Beauty routine to follow daily for 5 weeks. Read about their experiences and see their amazing progress which will continue to get better with consistency.

Meet Alana, this is her Meder review and real results. Before starting her Meder Beauty routine she didn’t like that her skin was dull, patchy, and uneven. With a focus on health and hydration she began to see and feel the change in 5 weeks. Learn more about her routine.

— I feel happy that I have products to take care of my skin. It feels lighter, more even in colour. My breakouts are a lot less and if I do get them, they heal very quickly without leaving marks like they used to. I see the change and I feel the change. My skin feels supple and moisturised, that’s why I really like using Hydra-Fill concentrate. Biggest changes are the even colour, it doesn’t feel as oily, it feels hydrated and moisturised on a deeper level so my pores look less visible. Even if I haven’t had enough sleep, it looks fresh and ready to go.

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