Hyaluronic Acid

Ever heard of hyaluronic acid? Despite its complicated scientific name, it is found in many familiar skincare products for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid works wonders in different ways to keep skin looking youthful.


— A moisture magnet. Like a hydration powerhouse, it is able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. When applied, it dives deep into skin, hydrating and stimulating cell communication. This is a recipe for reducing fine lines and wrinkles while giving skin a smooth, supple feel.

— Amazing booster of collagen, a protein that gives skin structure and elasticity. As we age, collagen production dips, making skin saggy and dull. HA jumps in to stimulate collagen, bringing back firmness and youthful glow.

— Antioxidant superhero, battling skin-damaging free radicals and keeping skin looking fresh and healthy.

— Microbiome-friendly. Skin microbiome thrives when skin surface is well hydrated as free water helps promote growth of beneficial bacteria. Healthy skin microbiome protects skin barrier and maintains skin health. Hyaluronic acid is a natural prebiotic.

— Good for all skin types – sensitive, acne-prone, dry or mature. Light and non-greasy, hyaluronic acid won't clog pores or cause breakouts. One of the rare ingredients with no side effects.

— Efficiently soothes irritated skin, which makes it a necessary component of many skincare products, such as moisturizers and active serums.

— Pregnancy-friendly. Hyaluronic acid products are completely safe to use during pregnancy.

Fun fact: your body doesn't store up hyaluronic acid. An average person has around 15 g of HA in their body, and a third of this amount renews daily. UV rays reduces hyaluronic acid reserves causing skin damage and dryness. This is why HA skincare is applied to reverse signs of ageing caused by UV damage.


Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture like a sponge, so when applied to dry skin in a dry climate, it soaks up moisture from the skin and dries it instead of hydrating. When this happens, hyaluronic acid has the opposite effect of its intended purpose, leaving skin drier, thirstier, and more prone to showing signs of ageing.


— Apply it generously to the clean skin before using moisturizer or sunscreen.

— Hyaluronic acid will moisturize skin better if applied in a room with healthy air humidity. Tip: try applying HA skincare in the bathroom after taking a shower while it's still all steamy.

— Apply your favourite moisturizer to finalize your skincare routine and prolong skin comfort and efficient moisturizing.


— The smallest size of hyaluronic acid is called short-chained or low-molecular-weight. This version of hyaluronic acid dives deep into the skin and is able to stimulate skin cells producing more proteins and skin's own hyaluronic acid. This category of skincare is able to improve elasticity and slow down skin aging.

— Larger molecules of hyaluronic acid don't go as deep but soothe skin and superficially moisturize skin. This kind of product is perfect for dry skin and helps reduce sensitivity. It is also recommended to use high-molecular-weight HA after lasers or during retinol therapy.

— The best of both worlds is combining various forms of HA in an all-in-one skincare boost. It smooths wrinkles, tones, hydrates, soothes – basically a skin superhero with a lot of skin health benefits.

In a nutshell, HA-based skincare works wonders. Its soothing, anti-inflammatory effects, combined with its versatility in tackling different skin woes, make it a go-to for anyone wanting healthier, happier skin.


— Skin dryness or tightness and your skin has a tendency to flakiness? Your best choice is Hydra-Fill Concentrate. Three different sizes of hyaluronic acid hydrate all three dimensions of your skin and this is not all! Innovative prebiotics and probiotics immediately eliminate flakiness and help restore healthy skin microbiome and comfort.

— Are you looking for a lightweight moisturizer? Need a perfect primer before applying makeup or sunscreen? Skin protection to use before swimming or working out? Your best choice is Derma-Fill prebiotic moisturizer enriched with organic tamarind.

— If you're looking for the best moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, choose multi award-winning Salva-Derm Cream designed to protect sensitive skin and maintain skin comfort during the day. Silky cream enriched with hyaluronic acid, organic macadamia oil, ceramides and prebiotics leaves skin smooth and perfectly hydrated.

— If your hands are dry and irritated, try our award-winning invisible gloves — Salva-Hand Cream. A unique formula based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and organic kimchi extract was named the best hand therapy for its amazing healing effect.

— Looking for perfect facial mask with hyaluronic acid? You have our 6 award-winning sheet masks to choose from. Use a mask weekly for your specific skin concern: Red-Apax for redness, Hydra-Fill for dry skin, Arma-Lift if your skin is mature, Eu-Seb for acne therapy, Myo-Fix for anti-stress and Lipo-Oval to fight puffiness.

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