Salva-Hand Cream


30 ml

Hand cream Salva-Hand offers lasting protection and comfort acting like a pair of invisible gloves. It nourishes and shields your hands, keeping them moisturised and healthy throughout the day.

Key Features:

Lightweight Texture with Hyaluronic Acid and Alpine Water: This unique combination moisturises the skin, creating a gentle protective film. The Swiss glacier's water, enriched with essential minerals, acts as a natural prebiotic, promoting a healthy skin environment.

Kimchi Cabbage Probiotic Extract: The naturally biofermented ingredient reduces inflammation, lightens the skin, and provides efficient prolongation of the protective effect of hand cream.

Niacinamide and Panthenol: A complex of skin-identical vitamins, helps heal and restore the skin's natural barrier. This enhances the skin's resilience throughout the day.

Long-lasting Protection: The powerful combination of biofermented kimchi and hyaluronic acid forms a gentle yet effective film on the surface of your skin. This film offers long-lasting protection, even after contact with water. Your hands will stay shielded and nourished for hours.

Ideal for Irritated and Damaged Skin: Salva-Hand cream is the ideal solution for irritated and even eczema-prone skin. Its unique formulation keeps your hands protected, soft, and perfectly moisturised throughout the day. It's a must-have hand cream for those who frequently wash or sanitise their hands.

Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky Formula: With just one application at the start of your day, you'll enjoy long-lasting protection without any oily or sticky residue. Simply remember to avoid washing your hands for 15-20 minutes after applying the cream, and you can enjoy all-day hand skin protection, no matter what you do.

Winner of Beauty Shortlist Award 2023 for best intensive therapy hand cream.


Salva-Hand Cream owes its strong moisturising effect to hyaluronic acid which also helps retain moisture and support skin microbiome. The extract of kimchi in protective hand cream Salva-Derm is a natural antioxidant and probiotic able to restore healthy microflora on the skin surface and maximise the effect of hyaluronic acid. Your hands are clad in invisible gloves providing all-day protection even you have to wash your hands frequently. D-panthenol heals dry skin and prevents water loss while also restoring keratin strength which is good for your nails. Extracted from chamomile, natural antioxidant Bisabolol boosts skin regeneration and stops inflammation in dry hand skin.

how to use

Apply to hands, massage lightly until absorbed. Avoid contact with water for 20 minutes after application. No need to reapply, you will have invisible protection all day.



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