Welcome to the new Meder Space in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, opened in October 2023. Serving as the Meder USA office, showroom, and premier training center for skin therapists and dermatologists across the USA, Meder Space represents a hub of innovation and holistic skincare solutions.

Dr. Tiina Meder, the visionary founder of Meder by Dr. Tiina Meder, inaugurated the opening of Meder Space, marking the dawn of a transformative skincare era.

In 2024, we're excited to host a series of engaging events and workshops at Meder Space, catering to both professional skin therapists and skincare enthusiasts. Our approach extends beyond skincare products, advocating a holistic Age Well strategy that integrates skincare practices with lifestyle and holistic health changes.

Continuing our commitment to holistic wellness, we launched the Dr. Meder Skincare Holistic Club on December 12th. This inaugural event, "The Inner Harmony," featured Vasiliy Torres, a respected yoga teacher, guiding participants through breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. Accompanying him was skincare expert Mihail Shevelev, who enlightened attendees on optimizing skincare routines for facial harmony and reducing the visual signs of aging.

Furthering our dedication to active longevity, on December 17th, Dr. Tiina Meder shared invaluable insights on ten essential active longevity solutions. The discussion ranged from crucial medical check-ups and lifestyle adjustments to cutting-edge skincare practices.

Excitingly, our calendar for 2024 is packed with a series of Meder workshops and Dr. Meder Holistic Skincare Club events. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative skincare journey together! 


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