Why Switch To A Natural Deodorant?

Why switch to a natural deodorant? Sweating is a natural process - 99% water, 1% lipids. The human body has three ways of detoxification: the kidneys, the gut and sweat glands. 

When we sweat, bacteria on our skin metabolises it creating a waste product. This waste product has an unpleasant smell that we know as body odour. 

Traditional methods to stop body odour often include blocking sweat glands using aluminium and from a health perspective to do this on a regular basis can damage their natural function. 

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a natural deodorant, we’re sharing more about aluminium free deodorant and why a natural deodorant can be better for your skin. 


Aluminium can be neurotoxic in large contact exposure, but there’s no scientific evidence about any harmful effects in low exposure experienced in the use of antiperspirants or deodorants.

However, preventing a natural body process is a concern for many people and for their skin health. Sweat itself doesn’t smell and so the target is really to address odour. 

There are many options to get rid of body odour without using aluminium, but these can come with unwanted side effects of skin irritation and harm to the microbiome:

— Change of pH (AHA-based products)

— Antibacterial effect (Benzoyl peroxide, Witch Hazel, AHA-based products)

— Change of smell with perfume (Essential oils or perfume)


Meder Beauty Body-Day Deodorant uses a new microbiome targeted approach to create an effective natural deodorant that eliminates smell by addressing bacterial growth and managing it.

— Noni plant stem cells – suppress the activity of malodorous bacteria.

— Probiotic kimchi extract – creates a healthy acidic skin environment for healthy microflora.

— Peptide calmosensine – reduces inflammation and calms skin.

— Rice starch and shea butter – creates a soft texture for skin able to absorb excess sweat. 

Body-Day is unscented and can be used all over the body. 

A universal deodorant safe for pregnant or nursing women and skin of colour. A good choice for sensitive skin, those sweating excessively or suffering from skin inflammation. 


If you’re new to a natural deodorant and have been using antiperspirants throughout your life, it may seem like natural deodorant doesn’t work. We can assure you, it does. 

Most likely you are going through the ‘armpit detox’. This happens because:

The consistent use of antiperspirants changes the way your skin works, and it needs time to adjust. 

Aluminium found in antiperspirants block the pores in your underarm area to prevent sweat from breaking through but when switching to a natural deodorant your skin is allowed to perform its natural function, which is producing sweat and letting it out. 

Studies show that when stopping the use of antiperspirants your underarms begin to overproduce sweat for a temporary period until it can readjust and regulate the amount of sweat and bacterial growth. 

In the meantime, this overproduction can lead to an increase of body odour, which is understandably uncomfortable but only temporary. 

This transition period can last from a few days to a few weeks but with regular and consistent use you’ll be able to experience the full benefits. 


We all have a unique body chemistry along with personal preferences so we recommend asking yourself these three questions when trying to pick the best natural deodorant for you.

1. Do you like perfumed deodorants? 

If not, this helps rule out perfumed versions from the start.

2. Do you sweat excessively? 

If yes, go for natural deodorants based on fermented ingredients. AHA-based deodorants are not the best choice as they have potentially irritating effects for skin.

3. Are you unhappy with your own body smell? 

Look for prebiotics and probiotics as they can help to change smell characteristics.

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