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Number 6 Meder Beauty Products

All Meder Beauty products have a number on the packaging to help guide you in the most effective application order. Starting from number 1, cleansing masks until number 7, creams and number 8 body care products.

So what are products numbered 6? Read on as we explain this small collection.

What Are Number 6 Products?

Sometimes all of us need a booster for our skin care routine. A bit more moisture or stimulation, even if we’re pretty happy about our existing skincare, with no intention to change it drastically.

Number 6 products are a small collection of universal “add-on” products helping to achieve maximal results with minimal changes. These products can also be used independently and are amazingly multifunctional.

Derma-Fill Cream

Derma-Fill is a universal oil-free prebiotic rich moisturiser. Its unique lightweight texture helps hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeper into the skin creating an efficient moisturising and protective layer. Prebiotics maintain the skin microbiome keeping it healthy, happy, and controlling skin sensitivity to improve its natural protection.

Ways and When to Use

Derma-Fill can be added as an additional layer to moisturise intensely dry and sensitive skin or used as an oil-free option in case of oily skin and rosacea.

Dermatologists prescribe this product to comfort the skin after laser treatments or chemical peels, because of its ability to prevent breakouts while also moisturising skin.

It can also be used as a perfect makeup or sunscreen primer, creating a flawless surface to apply foundation or tinted sunscreen.

Male customers love to use Derma-Fill as an after shave moisturiser especially if the skin is prone to redness.

Derma-Fill can be used as a lip plumper also helping to prolong results of fillers injections.

Vita-Long Oil

Vita-Long is a concentrated oil-based stimulating product to slow down the skin ageing process. Its ultrafast penetrating blend of 9 organic oils restores the natural protective lipid mantle. Enriched with epigenetically active anti-ageing ingredients, it helps to slow down the ageing process via regulation of age-related genes of skin cells.

Ways and When to Use

Add a few drops before applying a day or night moisturiser to help prevent age related changes. We recommend using Vita-Long at least 7 weeks a year to everyone over 45 to maintain the skin health.

Use Vita-Long oil to help lighten hyperpigmentation. Wakame extract, rosemary and ascorbyl palmitate helps to decrease melanin synthesis and lighten pigment spots, this is beneficial for all skin types including darker skin tones.

It can be effectively used on eyebrows to stimulate growth, because of its natural ability to stimulate hair follicles. One drop applied twice a day is enough to see results in a couple of weeks of regular use.

In winter it’s particularly useful to protect and restore skin from all hostility of the external world. It can also be used on lips to restore their natural protection.

Blepharo-Light Eye Cream

Blepharo-Light Eye cream is a gentle and extremely lightweight eye cream helping to prevent and decrease dark circles and under eye bags.
It’s based on lecithin, skin identical lipids specific to the skin in the eye area. Lecithin helps to moisturise the skin without creating heaviness or discomfort.
Caffeine, niacinamide, escin and horse chestnut extracts are famous for improving microcirculation function. Its formulation improves and maintains a healthy microcirculation, preventing the formation of dark circles and puffiness even if it is genetically predisposed.

Ways and When to Use

Use Blepharo-Light eye cream to prevent age-related changes and to treat existing dark circles and bags.

It can also be used as a primer for concealer and eye makeup.

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