The Skincare to Give This Christmas

Not sure what to gift loved ones this Christmas? We’re here to help. Team Meder is on hand to share the product picks they’ll be gifting to loved ones (and themselves) this year while sharing their expert opinions.

Read on for inspiration and take your picks.


“I’m going to give Arma-Lift Concentrate and perhaps a pack of Arma-Lift sheet masks to my lovely mum. She’s now in her 60s and absolutely loves self care. She has yet to try Meder Beauty but loves that no harsh chemicals are used and everything is gentle on the skin.” — Catalina

“This year I’m planning on giving a Red-Apax Set to my mother-in-law. She was recently diagnosed with rosacea and after she used retinol it became worse. The set will give her some much needed microbiome support.” — Kate

“I’ll be gifting my Mum our hand cream duo Salva-Hand and Circa-Hand. She’s a huge fan of them already after trying samples and was so impressed with how fast they absorb to leave her hands soft but not greasy.” — Georgina

“For both my mum and mother-in-law, Arma-Lift concentrate will be under their trees this year along with Arma-Neck cream which will be a great combination to help their skin age well.” — Alexandra


“I have a pregnant friend that I’ll be gifting Lipo-Oval Sheet Masks to. She often experiences puffiness so this should really help her.” — Alexandra

“Circa-Night Cream would be perfect for my sister. She’s expecting again and between a new baby and her toddler she’s not likely to get any sleep anytime soon. Come to think of it, she could use Arma-Bust as well.” — Kate


“Heavy-Legs Gel is going to make a nice addition to a Christmas hamper we’re putting together for the kids’ teacher. As they stay on their feet all day, I’m sure this will be helpful.” — Kate

“When you’re not sure, I think our hand creams are a great option. A gift card too – you can’t go wrong as they can decide what to pick.” — Alexandra


“My niece is getting Net-Apax Cleansing Mask. She’s planning a backpacking trip to Australia, with this and her SPF she can leave all other skincare behind and travel light.” — Kate

“My younger cousin is still pretty new to skincare and often suffers from hormonal blemishes, so Net-Apax Cleansing Mask and Equa-Derm cream will make good gifts this year.” – Georgina


“Soin-Apax Serum will make a useful present for my husband. He won’t really use skincare but he’d appreciate a calming water-like solution for his shaving rash.” — Kate

“My boyfriend has finally started paying a little bit more attention to his skin, he often comments on his dark under eye circles so he’ll be getting Blepharo-Light Eye cream to help with that.” — Georgina


“For secret santa among our friend group I’ll be gifting a Discovery Set. That way they can try the majority of our products as mini doses. Plus it comes in a cute cosmetic bag and that’s always useful.” – Georgina

“I’ll be giving Body-Day Prebiotic Deodorant to my friend who’s really into yoga. She’s always looking for something gentle, natural and fragrance-free.” — Kate

“Myo-Fix Sheet Masks will be my go-to for my friends this year. I think it’s fair to say we can all benefit from a little less stress and this mask makes anyone look relaxed and confident.” — Catalina

“I like to introduce family members to a simple but effective routine. Net-Apax Cleansing Mask, Soin-Apax Serum and Salva-Derm cream. They’re suitable for all skin types.” — Alexandra


“For myself, I’m eager to try the DIY Red Apax Kit, as I suffer from rosacea and extreme sensitivity. It would be amazing to perform the entire facial on myself as a Christmas treat.” — Catalina

“I personally think an at home facial kit is such a good gift. Hydra-Fill especially is so universal that it suits all skin types. If I had to pick for myself this would be high on my wishlist.” – Alexandra

“As the weather is turning colder I’d pick for myself some routine extras like Derma-Fill cream or Vita-Long oil. I already love my daily Meder routine so these are quick and easy additions to include when my skin needs a little extra boost.” — Georgina

“I’d probably choose to give myself Arma-Bust cream and add it into my night routine for when I want to really amp up my skin routine.” — Kate


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