Real Skin, Real Results — Redness, Spots

Anna's Routine for Redness, Spots and Sensitivity


We invited women to share their skin journeys to show the power of microbiome-friendly formulas.

Each were given their own Meder Beauty routine to follow daily for 5 weeks. Read about their experiences and see their amazing progress which will continue to get better with consistency.

Meet Anna, a busy ITU nurse who felt her skin didn’t look great due to pollution and stress and hoped that her new routine would help her skin be less sensitive, less dry and with fewer spots. She speaks about her skin now sharing her 5-week redness and spots routine results.

— The biggest change for me is the redness around my hairline, it’s not there anymore. My skin looks smoother and healthier. Using my routine my skin feels hydrated, firm, and healthier. The best products my skin really loved were Net-Apax calming cleansing mask and Equa-Derm prebiotic cream.

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