Real Skin, Real Results — Puffiness

Nadia's Routine for Health and Brightening


We invited women to share their skin journeys to show the power of microbiome-friendly formulas.

Each were given their own Meder Beauty routine to follow daily for 5 weeks. Read about their experiences and see their amazing progress which will continue to get better with consistency.

Read Nadia’s Meder review: puffiness, oily skin, and dark spots were a concern for her. Even with her oiliness she felt that her skin was dehydrated and tired. For 5 weeks Nadia used a skin stimulating routine with products to reduce puffiness and brighten complexion. She shares her skin thoughts.

— I see obvious changes; my skin is much more even and hydrated. All my skin problems disappeared. I have good oil balance, no dark spots, and no morning puffiness at all! I can’t choose just one favourite product as they all work perfectly together but if I absolutely had to, I would choose Nrj-Net cleansing mask because of its deep but gentle clean. I feel so fresh after using it.

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