Real Skin, Real Results — Ageing

Oksana's Routine for Age-defying Care and Skin Balance


We invited women to share their skin journeys to show the power of microbiome-friendly formulas.

Each were given their own Meder Beauty routine to follow daily for 5 weeks. Read about their experiences and see their amazing progress which will continue to get better with consistency.

Oksana recently moved to the UK from Ukraine. Before beginning her Meder Beauty routine, she turned to mattifying makeup to try and control her combination skin and oiliness. After using Meder skincare for 5 weeks we hear her thoughts on Meder age-defying routine results.

— Since I’ve started using Meder skincare my skin is less shiny and after one month of regular use I feel the real difference. My skin feels tighter and smoother, I’m especially happy about it at my age. I have loved using Arma-Lift concentrate and Arma-Lift mask. It makes my skin look like baby’s skin and I love it!

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