Skincare Timeline

The skincare timeline you need to remember.

Different skincare products interact with skin differently. Some of them work really fast and others much slower. Before you decide to call it quits on a product, consider our general timeline of when you should see results from your skincare.


With certain skincare products you’ll be able to see results almost immediately.


All exfoliators destroy dead cells, keratin and help to eliminate different debris from the skin surface. That changes the texture of the skin, making it smoother and more even. Skin looks fresh and more healthy after exfoliation (when the correct type of exfoliating product has been chosen properly to suit skin type and needs).


Good sheet masks can transform how the skin looks in 20-30 minutes. Depending on the kind of the mask it could be visible moisturising or have firming effects. You can also find masks able to de-puff, mattify, or have calming effects on skin.


Commonly used for areas of the face such as lips or small wrinkles around the eyes.

Products with visible ‘immediate’ effects can make you happy in the here and now but remember – you can’t count on long lasting results using it once.

The key for any real results is to use products regularly. When products are used randomly and spontaneously they often provide a Cinderella effect for a few hours or days.


This is a key marker for skin tolerance. In a couple of weeks since using a new skincare product, if no allergic or sensitivity reaction has happened in this time, it’s very unlikely to cause a reaction in the future. It’s still too early to speak about efficiency!


5 weeks is the period when most skin epidermis cells are fully renewed, so it’s possible to see cells born 5 weeks ago and treated all their cellular life with new products. If your skin looks and feels better now – your skincare is bringing you what you need.

At this point, you should hope to see the beneficial changes of skin tone, elasticity, skin should be calmer and better moisturised. These changes are all good signs but as different skin cells react at different rates you still may need to wait longer.

AT 8 — 16 WEEKS

Pigment cells, sebum producing cells and collagen-making skin cells react slower to stimuli. In 4-5 weeks you may see the first improvements for wrinkles, dark spots, or acne elements but don’t expect elimination at this early stage. 8-18 weeks is the key timeline for real results in these areas.

AT 20 — 22 WEEKS

To see the visual effects of working ingredients takes time. If you don’t see any significant improvement in 20-22 weeks however, it might be time to change skincare strategy. A professional consultation with an expert can guide you to the right skincare to avoid disappointment and to find the right products for your goals.

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