Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day — ethically and sustainably sourcing skincare ingredients at Meder Beauty
Helping your skin and helping others is important to us.

We make sure we carefully source our ingredients - ensuring that they’ve been obtained in a responsible and sustainable way. Ethically sourcing (looking at the social impact and human working conditions within the supply chain) and sustainably sourcing (considering the environmental impacts of a supply chain) is important to us. We try to be careful about BOTH, but we pay special attention to ethics. Making certain that all employees involved with the production are safe and paid fairly.

We Look for Fairtrade

This is very helpful because it works on a global system in almost 80 countries and companies can only receive this certification when they meet social, economic, and environmental standards for the production and supply of the product. With the great help of our Swiss laboratory’s creative team, we choose ethical and sustainably sourced suppliers from all over the world offering more jobs in rural areas, helping to open schools, and supporting female businesses. It doesn’t make our products cheaper, but we are proud to offer the best and ethical skincare solutions helping to create a better world for everyone.

Ever wondered where some of your skincare ingredients come from?

Shea Butter

We use this as an active ingredient, traditionally sourced and produced by local female African communities, called “female gold”.

Female communities are building their independence and future of their children with the natural production of this precious ingredient despite corporate competitors producing the cheapest industrial alternative.

Find it in Circa-Night Cream.

Kigelia Africana Extract

We buy Kigelia Africana extract from Phytotrade Africa, which ensures ethical sourcing and efficiently supports a local business and education. This ingredient can be found in Arma-Bust.

Noni Plant Extract

A new ingredient in our upgraded anti-acne treatment Eu-Seb concentrate. We collaborate with a supplier in Spain, who proudly supports local communities in Indonesia and helps to regrow plants there.

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