Meder Routine for Pigmentation

Isn’t summer great? Long sunny days bring joy and an anticipation of holiday and rest. Your skin however is working double time in the summer and needs the most effective protection you can give it. It is, of course, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation that makes all the difference. Summer sun is the hottest and most active.

Sure, we've all heard it before, but it's just so hard to resist the temptation to bask in the warm sun, especially if you've just spent many weeks indoors.


UV activates the synthesis of melanin in the skin's pigment cells and enhances the production of fibroblast growth factor, which in its turn activates melanocytes. Intensive UV radiation naturally results in hyperpigmentation. Suntan is in fact our skin’s reaction to injury and as such it is a very effective protection mechanism. Unfortunately, the skin doesn’t always darken evenly, and in many cases after a summer vacation pigment spots appear on the skin.

On hot days the skin becomes dehydrated, and it happens especially quickly when the skin is exposed to several damaging factors at once: sun rays and sea water, for example, or sun and air pollution. If you have couperosis, dilated capillaries, spider veins and red skin, sunburns are especially bad.

If you caught a bit too much sun, you need capillary strengthening therapy for skin recovery period. The first thing to pay attention to is restoring the barrier function of the epidermis! Use soothing and hydrating products, apply SPF before going outside. Every step of routine skin care must be aimed at maximum suppression of the pigmentation process, desensitisation, soothing the skin, hydration and restoring the barrier functions of the epidermis.


The restorative program we offer includes 4 products to use daily for the most pressing needs of damaged skin:

— Cleansing

— Antioxidant stimulation

— Intensive regeneration

— Protection

We suggest 2 more products to be used once a week, especially when your aesthetic therapist is not available. Meder at-home facial includes skin exfoliation with selective bacterial peeling and brightening skin hydration with a mask.

Step 1 Cleansing

The first step in the daily restorative skin care routine is cleansing with Nrj-Net revitalising cleansing mask.

Enzyme complex provides very gentle exfoliation smoothing skin and normalising the sebum production.

Nrj-Net contains 1% vitamin B3, or niacinamide, an ingredient with clinically proven efficiency. Niacinamide has brightening and smoothing effects due to its ability to suppress the transfer of melanin to upper skin layers, simultaneously reducing the synthesis of melanin in the deeper layers.

Skin is naturally brightened without trauma or damage. In the first 2–3 weeks of use Nrj-Net Cream increases the number of ceramides and free fatty acids in the skin, restores barrier function and the skin’s moisture levels, reduces trans-epidermal water loss. Vitamin B3 protects the skin from dehydration and restores microcirculation in the dermal layer, while also decreasing the skin’s reactivity which is especially important after an aggressive impact.

After 4–6 weeks of use the synthesis of type I collagen noticeably increases (by 34%, according to some studies), helping smooth out the wrinkles and improve the skin tone.

Step 2 Antioxidant Stimulation

Step 2 is antioxidant Nrj-Soin Serum. Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause skin damage with free radicals, which is why antioxidants play such an important part in restorative skin care after the summer.

Topical antioxidants trap free radicals and neutralise them, slow down ageing and increase regeneration. Antioxidants also activate the syntheses of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid restoring skin.

Nrj-Soin Serum is based on the polysaccharides of sugar cane and Canadian maple syrup. Plant-based polysaccharides have a pronounced moisturising effect, while the precursors of glycolic acid, found in sugar cane, accelerate the epidermis' renewal.

A blend of antioxidants in the serum includes the extracts of Barbados aloe, medicinal lemon, sweet orange and blueberry. Blueberry stilbenoids are some of the most powerful antioxidants known today. They can reduce the negative consequences of ultraviolet radiation in the skin. Aloe extract has antioxidant and also healing and hydrating properties, while citrus extracts promote the skin’s brightening and elimination of hyperpigmentation.

Nrj-Soin Serum contains niacinamide, same as cleansing emulsion Nrj-Net but in a smaller dose for the additional stimulation of the capillaries.

Step 3 Intensive Regeneration

Hydra-Fill Concentrate is effective for a deeper and quicker hydration as well as restoration of the skin's protective functions.

The basis of Hydra-Fill Concentrate is low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid biotechnologically treated with bacterial enzymes. The small fragments of hyaluronic acid have a stimulating and restorative effect, actively influencing basal membrane and deeper skin layers, accelerating the regeneration process. Active therapy with Hydra-Fill is aimed at remodelling the skin structure and activating the synthesis of skin's own hyaluronic acid in the dermal cells.

Prebiotics and probiotics in Hydra-Fill help restore skin barrier, normalise microbiome, accelerate healing and brighten the complexion naturally.

Use Hydra-Fill twice a day for at least 5 weeks for stable results.

Step 4 Protection

For skin protection use our Arma-Derm Cream for dry and damaged skin.

A ma-Derm softens and nourishes skin while creating an arming effect of sorts thanks to its ability to lift and firm up the skin.

The key ingredient of Arma-Derm Cream is vitamin E with its pronounced regenerating action and an ability to reduce the damage caused to the skin by both UVA and UVB rays. Vitamin E is a natural liposoluble antioxidant, used in medicine as well as in cosmetics. The primary action of tocopherol is preventing lipid peroxidation and restoring cell membranes

Organic oil complex based on jojoba and sweet almond oil softens and moisturises the skin, replenishes the deficit of essential lipids in the surface layers of the skin and restores the skin's protective mantle.

For weekly care and to increase skin regeneration add some extras: exfoliation with prebiotic enzyme mask Enzy-Peel and brightening moisturising Hydra-Fill sheet mask.


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