NEW: Anti-Quorum Sensing

New Biohacking Technique in Skincare

We’re always learning. And the latest research on the skin microbiome has led us to a brand-new biohacking technique called Anti-Quorum Sensing. This biohacking approach has inspired some of our most recent products such as Eu-Body, Body-Day and our upgraded Eu-Seb concentrate formula.

What Is Quorum Sensing?

Bacteria can communicate and they do this via versatile signalling molecules called autoinducers. This communication process is called Quorum sensing.

Just like human languages, these signals vary between species.

Quorum sensing allows individual bacteria to form colonies AND pathogenic biofilms (these are often resistant to antibiotic treatment).

What Are Biofilms?

Biofilms act like biological glue, providing a way for Cutibacterium acnes and other bacteria to remain adhered to follicles. They also form comedones and trigger inflammation.

DID YOU KNOW… Chronic acne is a typical example of a biofilm-induced skin condition.

How Do We Use Biohacking?

We turned to nature for the answer, and we found a very special plant called Noni or Morinda Citrifolia – a fruit-bearing tree native to Australia.

All plants are constantly attacked by microorganisms but this special plant has developed a smart natural protection. It produces specific small molecules – anti-quorum sensing signals able to block communication and disarm them.

Noni stem cells are rich in anti-quorum molecules and these are what we use in our skincare formulations to block and prevent bacterial communication.

By blocking the message, we can prevent the formation of pathogenic biofilms and restore skin health WITHOUT damaging the skin microbiome.

Kill the Message and not the Messenger

We use this innovative technique not only to combat Cutibacterium acnes in our acne treatments but to also break the communication of malodorous bacteria that commonly form when we sweat.

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